Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • 206 The Milk House

    Milk cans being cooled by well water pumped up by the windmill at Fairview Farm.

    Alvin remembers the milk house.

    Robert explaining how milk was kept cool in trough fed in cold water pumped to surface by a windmill.

    The Milk House


    Interviews with the Schumacher family described Arthur Schumacher’s substantial and active dairy operations on the farm, which required a milk house to prepare the dairy products for shipment. Milk houses were constructed near enough to the milking area to be convenient but far enough away that the dust, flies and particulate matter in the air wouldn’t contaminate the milk. The concrete box you see was the cooling tank for the 8-gallon milk cans. The photo shows the milk cans and the windmill used to draw water from the well near this spot. The cool water was run over the milk cans to keep the milk fresh until picked up for transport to the dairy. 

    Continue southwest on the path across the trail to sign #7.