Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • 503 Iron Bridge Trailhead

    The Iron Bridge Trailhead provides direct access to several trails and areas:

    ·        Route 53 Trail

    ·        Group 63 Trail

    ·        Henslow Trail

    Today most visitor come to this trailhead in hopes of catching a glimpse of Midewin's bison herd. Heading 1/3 of a mile south on this trail will bring visitors to the northwest bison pasture. The rolling hills offer the opportunity to perhaps veiw bison on this 370 acre pasture.                     


    Adjacent to the Iron Bridge Trailhead is Midewin’s second largest restoration prairie. This Trailhead currently provides the only connection between the East and West side trails via the Henslow Trail.

    Pollinator gardens are located between the parking lot and the trailhead. After exiting your vehicle you can take a short pathway through the pollinator garden before arriving at the information kiosk at the trailhead. About 50 feet from the trailhead the main trail splits to the left and there is a sign that says "To the Campfire Ring", the trail leads about 100 yards and ends at the Campfire Ring.

    From the trailhead visitors will also see the remains of two farmsteads. Morgan farmstead can be found just north of the main entrance to the trailhead, and Rodgers farmstead can be found along the north edge of the path leading to the fire ring.


    From the Midewin Welcome Center

    ·  Turn right/north onto Route 53

    ·  Travel north on Route 53 for 2.4 miles.

    Turn right/east onto the gravel road to the parking area and trailhead