Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Balsam Ragwort

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Packera paupercula

    COMMON NAMES: Balsam Ragwort, Balsam Groundsel, Northern Ragwort

    BLOON TIME: May, June, July, Aug


    • Grows 6-18 in, tall.
    • Up to 20 flowers lay across stem top with yellow petals & golden centers.
    • Slightly scented blooms.
    • Slender stalks with 2 in. leaves that have sharply toothed edges.
    • Habitat: prefers shade & moist prairie, stream banks.


    • The foliage of ragworts is toxic to most mammals, causing liver damage.
    • The nectar and pollen attract a variety of small to medium-sized insects