Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Common Lake Sedge

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Carex lacustris

    COMMON NAMES: Common Lake Sedge, Lakebank Sedge, Hairy Sedge, Ripgut Sedge

    BLOOM TIME: May, June, July


    • 2 ½-4 ft. tall with strongly 3 angled stems.
    • Leaf-blades are ¾ in. to 3 ft. long and 20 mm across.
    • Bright green 3 ft. spikelets with flowers as fuzzy topped spikes.
    • Habitat: full or partial sun & wet conditions, in water up to 20 inches deep.
    • Occasional found in northern and central Illinois in wet prairies, small lakes & ponds.
    • This is a large impact plant, useful for erosion along slow rivers & ponds.
    • Used in wetland restorations.



    • Many insects feed on foliage, stems, & seeds including several aquatic leaf beetles, Sedge Billbug, many aphids, and the spittlebug.
    • Other insects that feed on sedge include grasshoppers, caterpillars of several skippers, caterpillars of the Appalachian Brown and Eyed Brown butterflies, & caterpillars of several moths