Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Culver's Root

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Veronicastrum virginicum

    COMMON NAMES: Culver's Root

    BLOOM TIME: June, July, Aug

    Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie credit: R. Kapala


    Plants grow 3 – 7 foot tall.

    Named after Dr. Culver, a pioneer physician of the late 17th & early 18th century, who used the root for its purgative properties (as a laxative) and to induce vomiting.

    Native American used to treat fevers, cough, and to induce vomiting.

    Flowers are spiked & resemble a candelabra and can be up to 8” long.

    Flowers have no smell.


    • The most common visitors to the flowers are honeybees, bumblebees, Mason bees, Green Metallic bees, Masked bees, and others.
    • Other kinds of insect visitors include wasps, butterflies, moths and flies.