Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Dark Green Bulrush

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Scirpus atrovirens

    COMMON NAMES: Dark Green Bulrush, Green Bulrush, Common Bulrush

    BLOOM TIME: June, July, Aug


    • Sedge is 2½-4 ft. tall, erect and unbranched.
    • Leaf blades are droopy up to 1 in. long & ½ in. wide.
    • Flowers have 1-3 spikelets on stems, with about 17-25 dark brown balls.
    • Adapts to many soils.
    • Habitat: wet prairies, marshes & ditches.
    • Common in Illinois where it is native.


    • A leaf beetle, a weevil, & a billbug feed on Dark Green Bulrush.
    • Larvae of leaf-miner moths, two-striped Bulruashes also eaten by Grasshoppers, Long-tailed Meadow Katydid, Short-winged Meadow Katydids, & semi-aquatic leaf beetles & seed bug, Cymus angustatus, plant, bug Teratocoris discolor, & aphids.
    • Seeds & seed heads are eaten by numerous species of ducks, rails, & wetland birds.
    • Canada Goose & Trumpeter Swan feed on foliage.
    • The importance of bulrushes as a food source varies with the species of bulrush and its abundance.
    • Muskrats eat the rootstocks & culms, while Meadow Voles occasionally eat the seeds.