Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • For The Birds

    Currently, 234 species of our feathered friends choose Midewin. Some just use Midewin as a rest stop on their yearly migration route. Others come for a longer seasonal stay. They find a habitat here that suits their needs for the breeding season. Finally, there are the birds who choose Midewin as their year 'round home.

    The reason so many birds choose to reside at Midewin might just be that their are 8 diverse habitats for them to choose from. Additionally, there are 3 grass heights within the grassland habitat. Grass height will effect what species choose to stay. Having three different grass heights increases the variety of grassland birds that choose Midewin. Remember, each bird species has specific food and housing needs.

    So, enjoy a quick peek at some of the birds that grace the Midewin landscape. Come visit and see what birds you can spy.