Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Glade Onion

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Allium canadense var. mobilense (Allium mutabile)

    COMMON NAMES: Glade Onion, Wild Onion, Meadow Garlic

    BLOOM TIME: Apr, May


    • Has hollow 6-8 in. long stems.
    • Flowers cluster at the top of stem.
    • Each flower has 1/4-1 in. stem & 6 sepals that are rose- pink to white.
    • Flowers fade as they age.
    • Plants have bulbs.
    • Habitat: open unshaded areas.
    • If rainfall sufficient, sometimes rebloom in fall.
    • Can be identified by onion scent.
    • Bulbs can be eaten raw or cooked, leaves eaten raw or cooked, & flowers eaten raw and used as garnish.


    • There have been cases of poisoning caused by the consumption, in large quantities & by some mammals, of certain members of this genus. Dogs seem to be particularly susceptible.
    • The species is hermaphrodite (has both male & female organs) & is pollinated by bees & insects.