Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Great Angelica

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Angelica atropurpurea

    COMMON NAMES: Great Angelica, Purple-stemmed Angelica, Angelica

    BLOOM TIME: May, June


    • Member of carrot family.
    • Can be 3-8 ft. tall.
    • Stems are long, hollow & purple.
    • Leaves are 2” x 2’
    • Large yellow globe shaped flowers are 3-9 in. across with floral branches of 15-40 rays.
    • Habitat: partial sun, consistent moisture & sandy soil.
    • Occasional found in Illinois.


    • The flower's nectar attract Syrphid flies, bee flies, Andrenid bees, & other small bees.
    • A relatively small number of insects that feed on plant includes aphids, caterpillars of the Umbellifer Borer Moth and Cow Parsnip Borer Moth, & caterpillars of the butterfly Black Swallowtail.