Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Iron Bridge Trailhead Tour

    The tour is our buffet of tours. It gives you a bit of everything Midewin. You will see plants both native and ones imported to help farmers. You will learn about the glaciers that scoured the landscape and fires which renew the prairie. The conservation of grassland birds and bison will come alive. Discover all the people that have been a part of this land from the Native Americans, pioneer farmers, arsenal workers, the forest service staff, Midewin partner groups, volunteers who give countless hours of service, and all the visitors like you. See how the land we now call Midewin is being healed. 

    Iron Bridge Trail Team

    Lorin Schab (Edit & Review Arsenal History/Volunteer)

    Joe Wheeler (Edit & Review Midewin History/USDA:Forest Service)

    Rick Short (Edit & Review Midewin/USDA: Forest Service)

    Michelle Pearion (Edit & Review Prairie/USDA: Forest Service)

    Siobhan Solkowski-Peacy (Writer & STQRY Developmental Co-ordinator/ USDA: Forest Service)


    #1 - Barb Kappel

    #3 - Paul Schlesinger

    #4 - Wendy Oswald

    #5 - Mary Brauer

    #6 - Linda Schedin

    #8 - Sharon White

    #9 - Janine Catchpole

    #10 - Diane Kurtz

    #11 - Kim Shehorn

    #12 - Tom Biskie

    #15 - Elspeth Stanzil

    #16 - Nancy Taylor

    #17 - Keith Graham

    #18 - Penny Vanderhyden

    #19 - Jack McNamara

    #20 - Bill Bromer

    #22 - Deb Beaird