Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Morning-star Sedge

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Carex grayi

    COMMON NAMES: Morning-star Sedge, Common Bur Sedge, Asa Gray's Sedge, Gray's Sedge, Mace Sedge

    BLOOM TIME: May, June, July, Aug


    • Called "mace" sedge because seed head resembles a cute version of the medieval weapon called a mace.


    • It is unusual that it grows in both wetland & woodland being a food source to creatures in both habitats
    • Butterfly caterpillars & moth larvae feed on this sedge.
    • Seeds & seed heads are fairly important sources of food for various birds.
    • Seeds of sedges occurring in swampy woodlands are eaten by Ruffed Grouse, Wild Turkey, Wood Duck, American Woodcock, & Swamp Sparrow.
    • Muskrat occasionally feeds on rhizomes, culms, & young shoots of sedges.
    • White-Tailed Deer & Black Bear feed on the foliage sparingly.