Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Old Field Goldenrod

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Solidago nemoralis

    COMMON NAME: Old Field Goldenrod, Gray Goldenrod, Common Leaf Goldenrod, Dwarf Goldenrod, Prairie Goldenrod

    BLOOM TIME: Aug, Sept, Oct


    • Grows up to 2 ½ ft. tall.
    • Dense, short gray hairs on stems and leaves.
    • Yellow-gold dense flowerheads on top of short branches ¼” wide.
    • Recognized by its slightly bent tip on top of stem.
    • Preferred sites are prairies, savannas, sand dunes, & open woods.
    • One of 25 different goldenrod species in Illinois.


    • Goldenrods are sources of food to some vertebrate animals. For example, the seeds, flowerheads, and leaves are eaten by the Greater Prairie Chicken and possibly other upland gamebirds; the Eastern Goldfinch also eats the seeds.
    • Groundhogs, rabbits, deer and livestock, will browse on Field Goldenrod and other goldenrods occasionally, although they are not preferred as sources of food.