Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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    Experience what it was like to grow up on a farm in northern Illinois before 1940. This site was called the Fairview Dairy farm. The Schumacher Family lived here and ran the farm. Follow the map through the foundations remains of this farm. Best of all, hear the voices of Alvin and Bob Schumacher who lived here as young boys.

    Verna (left), Arthur (right), and oldest child Erma(center) Schumacher in front of barn Fairview Farm Barn that is now Iron Bridge Trailhead at Midewin.

    Prairie Farmer Historians

    The Family of Arthur & Verna Schumacher

    Tom Coyne ( Site Steward/Volunteer)

    Penny Vanderhyden (Volunteer/Midewin Heritage Association)

    Carol Ference (Audio & IT Volunteer/Midewin Heritage Association)

    Joe Wheeler (Archaeologist: USDA/Forest Service)

    Siobhan Solkowski-Peacy (STQRY Developmental Co-ordinator/ USDA: Forest Service)