Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Prairie Indian Plantain

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Arnoglossum plantaginea (Cacalia plantaginea)

    COMMON NAME: Prairie Indian Plantain, Tuberous Indian-plantain, Groovedstem Indian Plantain

    BLOOM TIME: June, July


    • Member of Aster family can be up to 5 ft. tall with largest leaves at base.
    • Single stem is smooth & angled with few leaves.
    • Leaves are fan shaped at the top of stem.
    • Flowers are tube shaped, whitish in color, numerous, & form a flat top cluster 1 in. tall.
    • Native Americans applied mashed leaves to skin to treat cancer, cuts and bruises, and to draw out poisonous substances.
    • Habitat: prairies, fens and marshes.
    • Not  common and widely scattered in Illinois.