Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Prairie Obedient Plant

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Physostegia virginiana var. arenaria

    COMMON NAMES: Prairie Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead, Obedient Plant

    BLOOM TIME: Aug, Sep


    • Member of the mint family.
    • Grows 1-5 ft. high & branched near top.
    • Leaves are opposite, up to 5 in. long & 1 ½ in. wide, with teeth along margins
    • Attractive pink tubular flowers are 1 in. long with 2 lips. Upper lip resembles hood, lower lip is divided into 3 lobes & may be spotted.
    • Has a rhizomatic root which can grow rapidly & be aggressive.
    • Called “obedient” because the flower stays in position by touching it.
    • Habitat: sun & can be found in moist to dry prairies, woodlands & savannahs.
    • Found occasional in Illinois.
    • This pretty plant can be grown in gardens but must be divided often.