Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • River Road Seedbeds

    Visit the largest area of row grow prairie species at Midewin. All seed grown here are used the restoration of prairie at Midewin. These 5 enormous beds grow approximately 113 species. Walk through row after rows of prairie forb, grasses, sedges, and other wetland plants. They all flower, even the grasses. From the flower comes the seed. What will be flowering when you stroll these rows of these seed beds? Use this tour to help you identify the unique plants all around you. Just in case the plant you are hoping to see isn’t in bloom on your visit, our tour provides photos of all the species in bloom. There is also information on scientific and common names, approximate bloom times, unique characteristics, historical uses, use in today’s gardens, and insect/animal interactions with plants. These prairie beauties are useful to man and creatures. Come find the most stunning or the most unusual bloom you can in our seed beds. The East and West seed beds are just west of the boulder and kiosk you passed as you drove down gravel drive to the parking lot. On the east side of the gravel drive you will find the North and South wetland seedbeds a bit hidden and closer to River Road but still walkable. A short walk beyond the tree line north of the East and West seedbed you will find the Northfield Production beds. 

    How to FIND Plants in app

    --ALL seedbeds signed to identify each row

    --Example: E5 means East Seedbed, Row 5

    --CLICK on seedbed button below

    --CLICK on row to see what grows there

    --Look at BOTTOM for specific species by name

    Plant List & Location

    By Common Name

    A - C









    River Road Research Team

    Linda Schedin Researcher: Plant Profiles/Volunteer)

    Tom Biskie (Researcher: Insect & Animal Interactions/Volunteer)

    Ron Kapala ( Photographer/Volunteer)

    Siobhan Solkowski-Peacy (Plant Research & STQRY Developmental Co-ordinator/USDA: Forest Service)