Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Stiff Goldenrod

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oligoneuron rigidum (Solidago rigida)

    COMMON NAMES: Stiff Goldenrod, Rigid Goldenrod, Prairie Goldenrod, Hard-leaf Goldenrod

    BLOOM TIME: Aug, Sept, Oct


    1. Prairie loving, coarse, hairy plant up to 5 ft. tall, with gray green cast.
    2. Large basal leaves on long stalks up to 10 in. long & 5 in. wide.
    3. Leaves have a rough, leathery texture.
    4. Flower heads are flat topped densely packed yellow clusters .
    5. Native Americans treated bee stings with lotion made from flowers.
    6. Leaf tea was used to treat swollen throats.
    7. Goldenrods falsely accused of causing hay fever.


    • Flowers attract many kinds of insects.
    • Monarch butterflies are especially attracted to the flowers.
    • Many mammalian herbivores eat this plant, particularly during the early stages of growth & development