Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Stiff White Aster

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oligoneuron album (Aster ptarmicoides)

    COMMON NAMES: Stiff White Aster, White Goldenrod, Prairie Goldenrod, Stiff Aster, Stiff Goldenrod , White Upland Aster, White Upland Goldenrod, & White Flat-topped Goldenrod.

    BLOOM TIME: June, July, Aug, Sept


    • Slender branching 2 ft. plants with narrow leaves.
    • White petal flowers form an open flattop cluster with each head ¾ in.
    • Likes prairies but is only occasional in north half of Illinois absent elsewhere.
    • Now considered to be more closely related to goldenrods than asters.


    • Little known about floral-faunal relationship.
    • The rare Karner's Blue butterfly & rare Poweshiek Skipperling skipper visit the flowerhead.
    • The common Pennsylvania Soldier Beetle also have been seen on flowerhead.
    • The butterfly & skipper feed on nectar.
    • The soldier beetle probably feeds on pollen.
    • Many other insects undoubtedly visit its flowerheads.