Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Swamp Goldenrod

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Solidago patula

    COMMON NAMES: Swamp Goldenrod, Round-leaved Goldenrod, Rough-leaved Goldenrod

    BLOOM TIME: July, Aug, Sep, Oct


    • 2 Ā½ - 6 ft. tall & unbranched except where flowering occurs.
    • Central stem branchesĀ into erect flowerheads, about 1/8 in. with 5-12 ray florets.
    • Habitat: partial sun to light shade & moist soil.
    • Can be found in sandy areas of northeast & central Illinois in swamps, fens & wetlands.
    • Its appearance is rather wild when it blooms, with flowering branches going in all directions making it is easy to distinguish from other goldenrods.