Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
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  • Wild Hyacinth

    SCIENTIFIC NAME: Camassia scilloides

    COMMON NAME: Wild Hyacinth, Eastern Camas, Eastern Camas Lily, Atlantic Camas

    BLOOM TIME: May, June


    • Stout stem up to 2 ft. tall.
    • Top of stem has flower cluster 2 in. wide with 50 flowers ranging from pale blue to lilac with yellow centers.
    • Habitat: moist prairies & savannas.
    • Attractive spring plant for landscapes.
    • Some Native Americans used bulb as a source of food, but it is hard to distinguish from deadly poisonous bulbs.


    • White-Tailed Deer occasionally chomp off the tops of the basal leaves.
    • Flowers attract their fair share of insects, including many bees & flies, with occasional butterflies & wasps.   
    • Most of these insects seek nectar from the flowers.